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Examples of Lawyers

There are two major categories for the jobs that are available to the people in the world today. One is what you would call the blue collar job. Those who have this job do not need to have a college degree in order to get it and they usually use their hands in this line of work. The white collar job is the next type of job. Such jobs are usually held by people who are working in the different offices in the many tall buildings out there. They need to have been able to graduate from college or a university in order for them to be considered and accepted for these jobs.

The lawyer is one type of a white collar job. This white collar professional studied and became an expert in law. There are many fields of expertise in law and that is the reason why there are different kinds of lawyers that can be found today. You can read on to find more examples of lawyers in the paragraphs below.

The divorce lawyers is a popular example of a type of lawyer. Those who ended their marriage and want to geta divorce get this type of lawyer to help them sort out the legalities of their divorce. In many places such as the US, there is a high rate of married couples who get a divorce. This is indeed sad but they need to move on and in order for them to do that they get the help of a divorce lawyer. One work of divorce lawyer for them is to split their assets and the child custody too amicably between the ex-couple.

The corporate lawyer is yet another type of lawyer. There are many corporations who hire corporate lawyers to represent them in court and to arrange their legal documents. This type of lawyer earns a big amount of money.

Another kind of lawyer is the compensation lawyer. This lawyer is one who has experience and knowledge in compensation law. Usually this lawyer represents union workers or the other side which is the management. When it comes to compensation law this may vary according to places. The compensation lawyers that are practicing in North Carolina need for example to be very knowledgeable about North Carolina compensation law.

Another type of lawyer that you can find is the personal injury lawyer. This type of lawyer practices personal injury law. This lawyer represents injured people whose injury were caused by a negligence of a company or a person.

The criminal lawyer is a lawyer of another kind too. This type of lawyer can represent a person who has been brought to court because of a crime. This lawyer can also be the one that represents the victim of the criminal.

You would find that the lawyers in Jacksonville NC also differ in the fields of law that they practice. The people there get the lawyer that is specific to their case. If the lawyer has been practicing for a long time, his or her fees may already be high.

News For This Month: Attorneys

News For This Month: Attorneys