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What Is Salt Lamp and What It Can Do for You

If someone will to tell you that your house can be cleaned using a salt lamp, you might think that they are making fun of you. However, it is suggested that you give them an opportunity to show you and explain to you how your home’s environment becomes clean with the help of this salt lamp.

You have many lamps in your home already and might not need another lamp, so you might ask what so special then about this lamp. But take a pause of consideration here because this kind of lamp could be the most important lamp in your home considering it promotes health and wellness of every person living in your household, because it is known for its ability to cleanse the air aside from the appearance.

It might interest you to know that a salt lamp is a natural piece of salt rock, taken from the mines that are located at the Himalayan Mountains foothills. For millions of years, these salt mines have been in existence, and there are several minerals that are gathered together with the salt supply, and thus these minerals also contain the property of ionizing the air.

In order to form a salt lamp, a chunk of salt is shaped, mounted to a base made of wood, then with a drill gun, a hole is formed where you will put a candle or a light bulb. There are several sizes and shapes of a salt lamp for variety use. As you use this lamp, the heat that is produced by the candle or bulb will initiate the salt lamp to emit negative ions, of which these negative ions will help in the production of cleaner air.

Note that there are elements that compose the air, and part of this are pollutants like dust particles that make up the positive ions. By neutralizing these positive ions with the emission of negative ions, the pollutants become heavy and would separate from the normal air circulation thereby cleansing the air.

Not only are salt lamps can complement the look of your space, you will have a cleaner surrounding which will help in the good health and wellness of the residents, such as keeping at bay ailments and allergies. Some studios offering fitness programs like yoga and massage can attest that if they place salt lamps in their places, customers are calmed and relaxed while doing the program, making the actions in the studios done in a more serene way.

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